Sayoc Memberships and Training Notes

Just as a reminder, please register with Sayoc International Sayoc Kali Silak Training Association (SKSTA) as soon as possible. Once registered, please let me know. I will be confirming registrations in the coming weeks. Annual memberships are $75 and allow access to the Sayoc Members Site. On the Members Forums you will find archived class notes for IEFMA as well as nearly all Sayoc groups and classes for the past several years.

I try to post the most current class notes only but you can find previous note sets on the Members Site. Just look for the IEFMA posts. It is a good idea to start and maintain your own personal training log as well. The process of taking notes does facilitate retention of material and processing of the skills and lessons learned. Guro Dan Inosanto has spoken on several occasions of his own meticulous notes, which over the many decades he has committed to training constitutes volumes of material. Pamana Tuhon Sayoc’s notes from when he was a young teenager continue to influence the material we learn during our instructors trainings, and continue to encourage growth and discussion for each other, and ultimately to you, our students.

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