March Schedule

Sayoc Kali now on Tuesday nights through the City of Claremont. Registration closes Tuesday, March 2. This will be a closed class after the enrollment deadline. SKSTA members only will be allowed to participate in Sayoc Kali curriculum. All other students will receive instruction in Inosanto based Filipino Martial Arts. Upcoming Classes Tuesday March 2 … More March Schedule

Atienza Kali

The Gauntlet course at this year’s Atienza Kali Sama Sama Atienza Sama Sama is a yearly 3-4 day long training session where Atienza instructors and instructor hopefuls meet to learn newer curriculum for the year, get tested on previous material, develop Atienza blade combat tactics, team tactics and compete in basic skill sets. You must … More Atienza Kali

Filipino Martial Arts Through the City of Claremont

Register Today! Filipino Martial Arts offered through the City of Claremont! This is an introduction to Filipino Martial Arts class, where we will cover the fundamentals of footwork, punching, kicking, use of sticks and knives. Spring 2010 Brochure: Online Registration: Link to Filipino Martial Arts: Free demo day is tomorrow, Wednesday February … More Filipino Martial Arts Through the City of Claremont

Sayoc Memberships and Training Notes

Just as a reminder, please register with Sayoc International Sayoc Kali Silak Training Association (SKSTA) as soon as possible. Once registered, please let me know. I will be confirming registrations in the coming weeks. Annual memberships are $75 and allow access to the Sayoc Members Site. On the Members Forums you will find archived class … More Sayoc Memberships and Training Notes

Class Update

Thanks to everyone for coming out this morning, it was great training. You all are YouTube stars now. Notes are posted in the Class Notes section. Per our conversation today, please let me know once your Sayoc Memberships are active, so I have an accurate count of who is registered. As always, if there are … More Class Update