City of Claremont Filipino Martial Arts

Congratulations to Albert, Jay, Joe, Kerwin, Rex and Manny for completing the Winter 2011 session of Filipino Martial Arts through the City of Claremont. This session we worked heavily on guntings/destructions with single stick, double stick, blade and empty hand, footwork variations, stick material such as blocks, deflections and disarms and more. Great job gentlemen. … More City of Claremont Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Combatives

Last weekend we had the privilage of training with Tuhon Felix Cortes, and the Filipino Combatives group in Long Beach headed by Guro Joey Pena. John Rellias, Craig Vasquez and myself represented IEFMA. It was a great chance to train with Tuhon Felix, my instructors Guro Travis and Guro Joey, Guro Brian Calaustro and see … More Filipino Combatives