Time Traveling

“I can’t determine what will happen to my son when he grows up. I can’t tell whether he will get to go to Berkeley, or whether he will have a good wife. But I can determine what will happen to him when he is a child. I can determine that he will get to go … More Time Traveling


In the past year or so I’ve found myself listening to some pretty great podcasts.  While I still do listen to my usual rotation of 90’s Hip Hop, it must be a mix of me getting older, not keeping up with all the new urban pop music, and finding a patience and focus while running, … More Podcasts

Atienza Sama Sama 2014

Mind blown.  Primitive weapons, cutting edge technology.  Bolo, knife.  Sticks, Thai pads.  Individual skill, group tactics.  Close quarters, long range.  Bahala Na, Maphilindo Silat.  Atienza Eskrima, Sayoc Kali.  One Tribe. This past weekend I had the great pleasure and honor of training with my brothers and sisters in the blade, the AK Tribe at Atienza … More Atienza Sama Sama 2014

UFC in Baltimore

It has been a few weeks since my last post, and quite a bit has happened in that time!  Last weekend the Ultimate Fighting Championship took place here in Baltimore, featuring Jon Jones vs. Glover Texiera in the main event.  Stickgrappler posted a nice recap along with some GIFs.  You can see the whole post … More UFC in Baltimore