The mission of Lakas Filipino Martial Arts is to educate, preserve and honor the martial arts from the Philippines as well as those fighting systems born from the Filipino American experience.

Lakas Filipino Martial Arts is a tribute to my family history.  My grandfather, Col. Laureano Marana was a Constabulary officer in the Philippine Army who led a covert counterinsurgency operation against the Hukbalahap.  He and his men were hand selected, trained in secret and given the codename “Force X”.  Lakas is the Tagalog word for “force, or power”, and is also my recognition of the struggles my family has endured that makes me who I am today.

I teach to educate my family, friends and community in these martial arts and preserve the Filipino martial culture and oral history contained therein.  It is my intention to develop in our physical skills, evolve our collective Filipino American identity, honor our teachers and remember those that came before us.

Lakas Filipino Martial Arts was created above all else for my children William, Matthew & Hope.

Guro Joe Marana

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Magandang Hapon Po Guru Joe:

    I am Christopher DaCosta born and raised in Manila and immigrated to the US in 1985, via the US Navy and served 20 years of active duty. I am 54 years of age with 2 accumulated years of Aikido and for the past year learning Randy Williams’ CRCA Wing Chun at Frederick. Recently had intro to Arnis/Kali via Sifu Tylus Quan Do student of Dan Innosanto and Cass Magra; however, Sifu Quan is just here on vacation and will go back to Spain where he teaches. I and another Filipino who was born here, are really interested to learn more Arnis and silat and was wondering how much your Sunday classes cost.


    Chris DaCosta

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