Headhunter Blades

  “The universal problem with today’s knives is that they are designed and built by people who don’t use knives for anything but to cut strings and open boxes. We need knives designed by guys who are experts in their use. No frills, no sheaths the size of boat paddles – just 100% effective form … More Headhunter Blades

A Memory

“YES!” His shout was genuine, followed by his infectious laughter. I hear his voice still. Slightly husky, raspy, warm. I had heard it sternly and calmly across wood tables, late into the night. I had heard it call out in hot summer fields and under humid tents and in hotel ballrooms. But that night, over … More A Memory

Fire and Lightning

“Fire and lightning, it doesn’t get much more warrior than that.” – Guro Leo Manalo The warm, humid breeze moved amongst us that night.  Shifting sillouettes and faces, of seniors, of teachers, friends and brothers revealed themselves with the licks of flame behind them.  Light blue strobed the sky and the low rumble of thunder … More Fire and Lightning