Headhunter Blades


“The universal problem with today’s knives is that they are designed and built by people who don’t use knives for anything but to cut strings and open boxes. We need knives designed by guys who are experts in their use. No frills, no sheaths the size of boat paddles – just 100% effective form and function.” Guro Harley Elmore

When I was younger I was a huge comic book nerd. I remember being enamored with those that would become comic book giants, the eventual founders of Image Comics. One of those people (I’m not ashamed to admit) was Rob Liefeld, the artist who took on New Mutants, created Cable and Deadpool and Domino and made X-Force. His artwork was so “edgy” and there were lines everywhere and huge guns and tons of pouches and gear. It seemed awesome at the time. But look at this now:


This is what happens when someone tries to draw or render or depict something with no reference, context or even knowledge of how things work. Then you get huge heavy blades with choils that catch on clothing or flesh, folding knives with blade shapes that if used correctly would actually disengage the lock and become cigar cutters for your fingers and basically Klingon lookalike decorations. All those pouches and no holster or firearm?

Tuhon Harley’s Headhunter Blades are to me, the epitome of form follows function. What may be even more genius however, is the concept of a training package as explained here:

I have carried my Rat everywhere, and it is one of my favorite most comfortable items to clip to my shorts when I run. I’ve actually run several “races” with it. And most recently when I got my new Dirty I carried it in my EDC bag and on my person with absolutely no issue. In fact, both are so comfortable that it feels like there is nothing on my waistband and despite it’s much larger size the Dirty is easily tucked without showing through a t-shirt.

When I first started in Sayoc Kali, Guro Steve asked me why I would spend a lot of money on live blades when it is trainers that actually would be used more, and more valuable in my development. It has been said that amateurs buy gear but professionals invest in their training. Headhunter’s blue training blades are as polished as they come. Sheaths are tight and they feel just like their live blade counterparts. Again, form following function.

But there are Tier 1 world class operators already using, carrying and endorsing Tuhon Harley’s blades. This post was just to share some beautiful images!

HeadHunter 06HeadHunter 05HeadHunter 03HeadHunter 09HeadHunter 08HeadHunter 04HeadHunter 07

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