Crush Each Day

Tuhon Rafael Kayanan of Sayoc Kali wrote, “Inspiration is triggered by our creative habits, it does not originate from a vacuum” and it has always remained with me. While I agree in sentiment that we don’t need calendar years to change our lives, I do like the idea of using our life’s markers as moments … More Crush Each Day

Land of the Blades

Originally published in The Manila Times. MACABEBES as WARRIORS and MERCENARIES July 5, 2014 8:56 pm by Perry Gil S. Mallari, Fight Times Editor While it is not highlighted in Philippine history, the first Filipino martyr for freedom was a Kapampangan, a Macabebe in particular. When Spanish forces under the leadership of Don Miguel Lopez … More Land of the Blades

Fire and Lightning

“Fire and lightning, it doesn’t get much more warrior than that.” – Guro Leo Manalo The warm, humid breeze moved amongst us that night.  Shifting sillouettes and faces, of seniors, of teachers, friends and brothers revealed themselves with the licks of flame behind them.  Light blue strobed the sky and the low rumble of thunder … More Fire and Lightning

Guro Dan Inosanto at Tri State Martial Arts Academy

Earlier this month I had the privilege and opportunity to attend Tri State Martial Art’s annual seminar with Guro Dan Inosanto in Levittown, PA.  Hosted by Guro Jeff Jones and his staff, the event was well attended by students and instructors from all around the area and beyond. I remember listening to an interview on … More Guro Dan Inosanto at Tri State Martial Arts Academy

Atienza Kali Training Group Session

This past Sunday, Guro Leo Manalo led our Atienza Kali Training Group Session in Maryland.  Hosted by Guro Dr. Bob Shin in Columbia, students and instructors in the Maharlika Martial Arts lineage included Lakas Filipino Martial Arts, Tacoma Park Sayoc, North Baltimore Sayoc and Impact Martial Arts Academy, and traveledas far away as Reston and … More Atienza Kali Training Group Session

Atienza Kali Maryland Training Group Session

Maharlika Martial Arts is excited to welcome Guro Leo Manalo back to Maryland for our Atienza Kali Training Group session.  Guro Leo is a Full Instructor in Atienza Kali and we’ve had the privilege of his training and guidance for the last three years.  Our school, Maharlika Martial Arts is both an official Sayoc Kali … More Atienza Kali Maryland Training Group Session