Lakas Filipino Martial Arts Podcast Episode 28: Sifu Dwight Woods – The Rebel

“Yes! The rhythm! The Rebel!” – Public Enemy

I started listening to Sifu Dwight Woods years before his podcasts, “The I Love Jeet Kune Do Broadcast“, “The Jeet Kune Do Dialogues” and “The FMA Files“. I started watching Sifu Dwight on YouTube back in the day, intently listening to his clips from his classes, talking about Guro Inosanto, JKD and Kali. Since then, podcasts have become a great source of entertainment and education for many, especially me. 

In the short amount of time that he has been recording and publishing his podcasts, Sifu Dwight has conducted and shared literally hundreds of interviews and dialogues. For me, they have been a tremendous source of information as well as an avenue to deep and personal introspection. I have listened to Sifu Dwight so much over these last three, or rather ten years that I felt like I knew him before we even “met” via Zoom. 

Through this worldwide pandemic and social distancing, my own Lakas FMA Podcast has continued to highlight those who have influenced and inspired me, and it was my great privilege to have Sifu Dwight on as my guest. 

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