Ip Man Extra Features

This video was included in the extra features of Ip Man’s release overseas. I have absolutely no idea why both music and movies sometimes differ from Europe and the US, but apparently this was exclusive to the European release. We recently talked about some of the same positions that Guro discusses as he’s demonstrating trapping … More Ip Man Extra Features

Guro Dan Inosanto Demonstration at the Smithsonian

This is a demonstration and lecture that Guro Dan gave for the Smithsonian Institution in 2010. One of the things that I absolutely loved and truly miss about training with Guro on a weekly basis is hearing his thoughts, memories and historical information about the Philippines and Filipino Americans in California. Much of this history … More Guro Dan Inosanto Demonstration at the Smithsonian


Kyle Defoor, friend of Sayoc Kali and Sayoc Tactical Group discusses mindset. Lakas students, this is mandatory viewing.