Quote of the Day

“I think all of us as artists and practitioners of the culture need to teach, because we didn’t learn this s*** from a book.  Hip hop was one of those things you couldn’t learn from a book…  Instead of someone else teaching it that doesn’t know what the f*** they’re talking about… I try and encourage … More Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

“Fear. Deep rotting fear. They were infected by it. Did you see? Fear is a sickness. It will crawl into the soul of anyone who engages it. It has tainted your peace already. I did not raise you to see you live with fear. Strike it from your heart. Do not bring it into our … More Quote of the Day

Cognitive Benefits of Martial Arts

The UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine recently posted this video of a presentation given by Dr. Robert Bilder, Dr. Janet O’Shea and Guro Paul McCarthy during their Exercise and the Brain Symposium.  The demonstration, titled “Cognitive Benefits of Martial Arts” displayed not only some of our basic Kali drills from the Inosanto Academy of … More Cognitive Benefits of Martial Arts

Digital Engrams

There has been a surge of footage of Filipino Martial Arts masters on blogs and social media recently.  Brian Vancise’s blog on The Instinctive Edge is one of the few that frequently posts articles and shares footage.  His most recent post shared some old footage of the late Tatang Antonio Illustrisimo, assisted by the recently … More Digital Engrams

Weapon Based

When my lolo (grandfather in Tagalog/Filipino) was still alive he would tell me all kinds of things that I thought were completely embellished if not flat out incorrect.  My brothers and I could tell you stories for days.  But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve come to often startling revelation that a lot of what he … More Weapon Based