Digital Engrams

There has been a surge of footage of Filipino Martial Arts masters on blogs and social media recently.  Brian Vancise’s blog on The Instinctive Edge is one of the few that frequently posts articles and shares footage.  His most recent post shared some old footage of the late Tatang Antonio Illustrisimo, assisted by the recently passed Tony Diego his foremost protege.  The Inosanto system is highly influenced by the Illustrisimo system and several of Guro’s students also became students of both Tatang Illustrisimo as well as Tony Diego.  He also shared footage of the late Remy Presas, one of the most influential Filipino Martial Arts instructors to propagate and promote these arts both in the Philippines as well as abroad.

On Facebook, footage of the late Telesporo Subingsubing of Moro-Moro style has been making it’s rounds.  In this clip he is shown with a young Guro Dan Inosanto.

While it is a privilege for the public to see this footage, these clips often come from personal private collections and are sometimes “leaked” because footage is borrowed and never returned.  Remember that in all martial art, but in Filipino Martial Arts in particular our information is gained through sacrifice, sometimes literally.  Be thankful for the education we have, and can share but please also respect and remember all those that came before us to bring us our arts.

This clip of the 1st and 2nd Filipino Infantry makes it’s rounds frequently.  Guro’s uncle Vincent Evangelista was one of those soldiers that instructed those units in the bolo and can be seen looking on at the end of the clip.  Interestingly, the footage also shows Filipinos playing Sipa Sipa (similar to hackey sack), performing tricks with yo-yo’s in front of a captive adult audience and also having a spontaneous Lechon roasting session in the middle of their camp.

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