Reactionary Gap

Reactionary Gap Sayoc Tactical Group referenced in Recoil Magazine!  This was a timely article, given our recent discussion on Reactionary Gap.  This concept is both critical and universal, and and both understanding and applying it can be the difference in success or failure. 

Upcoming Classes

Don’t forget! Inosanto Kali Class this Sunday afternoon (tomorrow), 7/28 at 2pm Sayoc Atienza Kali Class this upcoming Monday evening, 7/29 at 7pm Both class days/times have currently stabilized a little bit.  NO SUNDAY CLASSES on 8/4, 8/25 & 9/15.


This past Fourth of July weekend I had the extraordinary opportunity to attend our annual Sayoc Kali Sama Sama, this year held in St. Cloud, FL.  It was a truly awesome privilege, to be able to train alongside and learn directly under some of the best Filipino Martial Artists in the world. Some of the … More Recharged