Atienza Apocalypse Live Blade

In a relatively short amount of time, Atienza Kali has risen to become one of the world’s most sought out systems for blade work, particularly long blade.  And in an even shorter time, Tuhon Carl Atienza has become one of the foremost craftsmen in producing live blades of world class caliber.  In the past few years Atienza Kali has emphasized the bolo, a weapon and utility style of long blade commonly found in the Philippines.  As a teenager I witnessed maids climbing up coconut trees with bolo in hand, cutting down fruit and wielding their blades with ease.  And during World War II, the 1st and 2nd Filipino Infantry soldiers were issued bolos as part of their standard issue gear.  The bolo is part of a tradition binding us to a long legacy of Filipino warrior culture.

The Atienza Apocalypse is Tuhon Carl’s contribution, handmade custom 15.5″ full tang S30V matte black blade with G10 handles, with an overall length of 21.5″.  From the Atienza Kali‘s description, “The Apocalypse is a contemporary long blade for the Atienza Kali practitioner and other modern swordsmen. The elegantly curved blade is distally tapered, making it quick and lively for slashes, chops and thrusts. The forward cant gives it astonishing cutting power.”

Thank you as always to Tuhon Carl, Tuhon Bong, Tuhon Darryl, SIlak Dianne and the Atienza family for sharing your art and gifts with our tribe.

AK Apocalypse 01

AK Apocalypse 02

AK Apocalypse 03
Handle Detail

AK Apocalypse 04

AK Apocalypse 05
Spine Jimping

AK Apocalypse 06

AK Apocalypse 07

Atienza Live Blades in action.

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