Commander Chris Hadfield

Recently on Master Chim’s The Pressure Podcast, Tuhon Tom Kier of Sayoc Kali was asked about today’s heroes.  While he poignantly cited our modern Court Jesters, he also suggested that we find people who embodied the kinds of traits and characteristics that we would like our own children to have.

I knew nothing of Chris Hadfield before last year, when some of his videos from the International Space Station circulated on YouTube.  I thought it was awesome that someone was interacting in a very contemporary and relevant medium such as YouTube, not only to today’s youth but to everyone down here on Earth.  This one was by far my favorite:

Then a few weeks ago I came across his TED talk, and really admired how articulate he was, but still able to convey his message in a very easy to understand way.

And then just last week I came across his interview on Joe Rogan’s podcast.

So while Commander Hadfield is not involved with Filipino Martial Arts (to my knowledge), I do think he is a true modern day hero that we can look up to, and hope that my kids can aspire in some way to as well.

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