Armed, Always Armed

Armed, Always Armed “Charmed by the money they received, they came in ever increasing numbers – ‘armed, always armed, stuck all over with daggers and krises.” – Frank Charles Laubach (citing Captain Bullard’s account of the Moros from Atlantic Monthly in March of 1905!) Guro Dan used to frequently quote a missionary named Frank Charles … More Armed, Always Armed

Training in the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia Areas

One of the main purposes of Lakas Filipino Martial Arts is to promote the Filipino Martial Arts systems and organizations that we teach, and support our teachers, seniors and brothers & sisters in the arts.  There are some truly amazing resources in the area, many of which I myself participate, train or teach with.  I … More Training in the Maryland, Washington DC and Virginia Areas

Staying the Course

As we near the end of January of 2014, many of us have had moderate or even great success in implementing our New Year’s resolutions.  The gyms are busy, co-workers and friends are watching their diets and martial arts classes are full.  For others, this is also a time when these goals and newly established … More Staying the Course

IEFMA Content Now Available

All posts from Inland Empire Filipino Martial Arts ( have now been migrated onto this site for a consolidated, searchable reference! Inland Empire Filipino Martial Arts was my group in Southern California, to whose students I am deeply indebted for allowing me to grow as a teacher, martial artist and person.