Recently ITS Tactical ran an article on their website (originally published on The Art of Manliness, see below) called “The Hard Way”.  Soon after I saw a picture circulating on Facebook of a young Manny Pacquiao putting in his work as a teenager, long before becoming the accomplished boxer he is today.  They were great … More Work

Filipino Combatives

Last weekend we had the privilage of training with Tuhon Felix Cortes, and the Filipino Combatives group in Long Beach headed by Guro Joey Pena. John Rellias, Craig Vasquez and myself represented IEFMA. It was a great chance to train with Tuhon Felix, my instructors Guro Travis and Guro Joey, Guro Brian Calaustro and see … More Filipino Combatives

March Schedule

Sayoc Kali now on Tuesday nights through the City of Claremont. Registration closes Tuesday, March 2. This will be a closed class after the enrollment deadline. SKSTA members only will be allowed to participate in Sayoc Kali curriculum. All other students will receive instruction in Inosanto based Filipino Martial Arts. Upcoming Classes Tuesday March 2 … More March Schedule