The Vital Templates of Sayoc Kali

Today’s Throwback Thursday article is “The Vital Templates of Sayoc Kali.”  While there are many individuals and/or systems that utilize the term “template”, few outside our system truly understand the purpose and concept of Vital Template mapping, target identification and physiological responses.  Here is an introduction to Vital Templates as a component of the Sayoc … More The Vital Templates of Sayoc Kali

Sayoc Kali Philippines

ALERT: At this time, There are “NO” Sayoc Kali Schools or Representatives in the Philippines. We are currently developing a Sayoc Training Group in Imus, Cavite. There will be Certified Sayoc Kali Instructors conducting regularly scheduled seminars starting in February, 2012. If you are interested in starting a TRAINING GROUP in the PHILIPPINES, Contact: Pat … More Sayoc Kali Philippines