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Extraneous items I have been meaning to post, but keep forgetting:

Some of you have asked about purchasing blades. There are no particular blade styles, shapes, manufacturers or vendors that I, nor any of the systems that I represent endorse per se, except their own lines. For example the live blades designed and made under the Sayoc or Atienza systems were designed with specific tasks in mind, and created to exact specifications. Most blade makers (both mass production and custom handcrafted) created blades only for cutting chores or to fulfill a particular goal or aesthetic. For example, Strider Knives originally wanted to create a folding knife that was as strong as a fixed blade. RJ Martin told me a sign of a good knife is that you want to cut with it once you hold it in your hands, so along that theme RJ Martin’s blade ergonomics and composition do exactly that. OK, I’m running off on another tangent again…

Some of you had asked for suggestions where to look at blades and/or prices. Here are some of the common websites that I personally frequent:

There are tons of others but these are the top ones I seem to go to more often than not, particularly if I am looking for something specific.

For ALL IEFMA classes, you may want to think about getting a pair of light gloves. Boxing gloves are too bulky, but bag gloves or even MMA gloves would be fine. If there are times when we are working empty hand destructions, that might save your knuckles. I think I got my pair of bag gloves years ago at Sports Authority.

Lastly, if anyone would like to submit any testimonials I would be grateful and appreciative to use them here on the site.

See you guys soon.
Guro Joe

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