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Happy New Year everyone!

I just wanted to remind you all that our first class of 2014 will be on MONDAY, January 6th at 7pm in Hunt Valley.  There will be no class tomorrow (Sunday).

Due to the cold, we will be training inside again as we had last month.

I have recently stepped up in my social network/electronic marketing, so from now on I will be sending emails from  Please take a moment and send me a quick email at that address letting me know if you will or will not be attending Monday night, and I will start a class list from that account.

You can also find me now on Instagram (lakasfma), Twitter (@LakasFMA), Tumblr and Facebook (Lakas Filipino Martial Arts).  I will be putting more pictures, video clips and YouTube tutorials up as well so I’d like any suggestions on info you would like to see.  The YouTube channel is really for my students to either have videos to reference or further explanation in particular areas.

See you all soon.  Welcome to 2014.

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