Atienza Streetsweeper

The longstanding issue for Filipino Martial Arts practitioners in America has been that while we train in weaponry, namely knife and sword it isn’t always very easy to find well made knives and swords that fit our specifications.  As Tuhon Carl Atienza has pointed out, most of the mass produced short and long blades out there were not designed nor made by people who actually train with them.  In the past few years, to address the issue of trying to find blades that would fit our needs Tuhon Carl has started designing and producing his own.  Every step of the way.  By hand.  All of his blades are tested extensively, thrown to ensure that could withstand being used and moved around with by Tuhon Carl himself to check feel and balance.  Fit and finish is on par with the best custom knife makers, only these blades were forged with function and performance in mind.  Leather sheaths are made by Silak Dianne Atienza and fitted to each blade specifically.

AK Streetsweeper 12

AK Streetsweeper 11

AK Streetsweeper 10

AK Streetsweeper 09

AK Streetsweeper 06

AK Streetsweeper 05

AK Streetsweeper 08

AK Streetsweeper 07

AK Streetsweeper 04

AK Streetsweeper 03

AK Streetsweeper 02

AK Streetsweeper 01

AK Streetsweeper 13

AK Streetsweeper 14

AK Streetsweeper 15

The Atienza Streetsweeper is a stout modernized version of the Filipino Itak, a short utility machete that is forward heavy for chopping power.  This updated version has the balance and swaying recurve to slash and thrust with ease, and the cord wrapped handle has the ergonomics to make you want to do just that.  Also be sure to check out the Atienza Barong featured on Lone Target as used by Joel Lambert on the Discovery Channel, as well as Atienza tactical blades on NCIS: LA.


One thought on “Atienza Streetsweeper

  1. Hi there, Dan from switzerland.
    Question: WHERE can you buy this gorgeous Tool?


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