Welcome to Lakas Filipino Martial Arts!  Inosanto Filipino Martial Arts classes are now being offered in Hunt Valley, and forming in the Baltimore area.  Instruction in Sayoc Kali and Atienza Kali is also available!  Please contact Guro Joe Marana at or 909.319.1991 for more information.

The core curriculum of our current training group is derived from the Inosanto method of Filipino Martial Arts, material that Guro Joe has trained in since 2003 at Guro Inosanto’s Academy of Martial Arts in Los Angeles, CA.  This system is a comprehensive system designed to develop flow, encourage creativity and utilize natural movements.  We will primarily cover single and double stick, single and double blade, stick and dagger and unarmed techniques, however our system in it’s entirety covers 12 areas that also include long weapons such as the staff and spear, flexible weapons like a handkerchief or sarong, and projectile weapons such as bow and arrows, yoyo’s and firearms.

Sayoc Kali is the premier Filipino Martial Arts system teaching the proper and correct use of the blade.  Although we emphasize an introduction to short blade (knife) curriculum, this system also encompasses all aspects of combat and specializes in single and double knife, karambit, whip, single and double stick, stickgrappling and empty hand.  Sayoc Kali is the most comprehensive source in knife fighting.

Atienza Kali is a family Filipino Martial Arts system that has developed and evolved fighting theory and methodology to an unprecedented degree.  This curriculum will build an ability to identify fighting types, understand and navigate multiple opponent situations.  The Atienza system focuses on short to long blades such as machetes (or bolo’s), projectiles, use of bows & arrows, firearms and unconventional weapons.

Lakas Filipino Martial Arts is proud to offer instruction in these systems in class, private or semi-private settings.  For more information on these specific organizations please visit:

The Inosanto Academy

Sayoc Global, LLC

Atienza Kali, LLC

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