Once Again We Begin

Next month will mark the public debut of Lakas Filipino Martial Arts!  While the development of our program has already been in the works since the end of last year, expect to see more and more activity in the coming months.  With that being said, I think it is appropriate to start these blog posts in a way that frames our mindset, gives purpose to our training and sets the tone for us as practitioners of Kali.

Lacoste-Inosanto Kali Salutation

With Heaven and Earth as my witness, I stand before The Creator and mankind.
I strive for knowledge & wisdom of the third eye, with the five senses & beyond the five senses.
I strive for the love of all mankind, & that there be no needless shedding of innocent blood.
I bow, not in submission but in respect to you.
I choose to extend the hand of friendship over the hand of war,
But if my friendship is rejected, I am trained to be a warrior with wisdom.
I stand in symbolism, for I serve only The Creator, my tribe and my family.  I owe no allegiance to any foreign king.
With my mind & heart, I cherish the knowledge my teacher has given me for it is my life I may lose in combat.
I am prepared to go against you even if your skill is greater than mine,
For if my body falls to you in combat, you have only defeated my physical body, for my fighting spirit and soul will arise to the heavens because they are unconquerable.

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