Lone Target on Discovery

If you haven’t seen it yet, Lone Target is one of the best shows on TV.  Starring former Navy Seal Joel Lambert, the show is the ultimate game of hide and seek, pitting Joel against the world’s greatest and elite military and law enforcement tracking teams.  I first  met Joel several years ago in Long Beach, CA while training at Integrated Martial Arts under Guro Travis Downing and Guro Joey Pena.  Joel had been brought to the facility by another one of our training brothers, Guro Zee Alhusaini.  I’ve had the privilege of watching him continue his training with us in the Sayoc organization attending and participating in Sama Sama’s, STG firearms courses, Atienza training sessions and more.  Despite his accomplishments and extensive experience, Joel has always been professional, humble, a serious student and training brother.  When Tuhon Tom Kier offered his Sayoc Pistol 1.0 course a few years back in Los Angeles, Joel was right there along with us paying close attention to Tuhon’s instruction, even though I’m sure much of what we covered those days was familiar to him already.  On Lone Target he carries the Sayoc Winkler RnD tomahawk and Winkler Bontoc blade, both designed by Sayoc Kali Tuhon Rafael Kayanan, and the Atienza Kali Apocalypse Bolo designed and fabricated by Tuhon Carl Atienza hiimself.

I watched the first episode with my wife and kids, and I can honestly say all of us were genuinely captivated and entertained.  The show is well done, both technical and suspenseful at the same time.  My wife couldn’t wait for the commercial breaks to end and my 4-year-old wanted to watch another episode immediately when it was finished!  I’m proud to know Joel and support the show.

Catch Lone Target Wednesday nights at 10pm on the Discovery Channel!

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