Lakas Filipino Martial Arts Podcast Episode 3: The Rev. Dr. Frank M. Reid, III – The Bishop

Dr. Frank Reid, III is one of only 21 bishops of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church, and one of the top leaders in a congregation of 2 million that spans four continents. Elected to the position last year, Dr. Reid was the longest serving pastor at the  renown Bethel AME Church in Baltimore City and continues to be one of the city’s greatest leaders.


Dr. Reid is a fifth generation minister, a third generation bishop in the church and an alumnus of both Yale and Harvard Divinity School. Through the years he has led as pastor from Charlotte to Los Angeles, was part of the Rev. Jesse Jackson’s presidential campaigns and came to know the legendary Karate master Moses Powell. His work and advocacy earned him an NAACP image award, led him to consult on NBC, BET and even an appearance on “The Wire”. He is a doctor, a minister, an author. But more than that he is a loving husband, a proud father and a man of God.

Along his journeys, Dr. Reid came to know and love Filipino Martial Arts and trained and learned from icons such as Professor Vee, Guro Dan Inosanto and Tuhon Tom Kier. He has trained in the Sayoc Kali system with Tuhon Tom, Guro Dr. Bob and myself, and most recently has continued his training under one of my own students, Brian Stanley.

Dr. Reid welcomed me into his home for a tremendously insightful and wise dialogue about his journey and path, Filipino Martial Arts, men, community and tribe. During our recording, it was my pleasure to meet his lovely wife Marlaa and his daughter Faith and at times, see and hear a glimpse of the tender family man Dr. Reid genuinely is.

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