Lakas Filipino Martial Arts Podcast Episode 12: Sifu Tim Becherer – The Student (Part 1)

I tried for the longest time to figure out a way to combine this interview, which was recorded in two parts, on different days in different locations into one. But one of the things I’ve always appreciated about this podcast was it’s off the cuff spontaneity, the candid energy of the moments recorded. So I’ve just decided to keep it that way, and post these parts as separate episodes!

Tim Becherer is a wonderful representative of the loyalty and dedication found in our martial art. Particularly in his genuine respect for his teachers, of which there are many. But notably, Sifu Tim was a direct student of Sifu Larry Hartsell, continues to be a direct student and staff instructor under Guro Dan & Simo Paula Inosanto at their Academy in Marina del Rey, and reflects the enthusiasm and passion for learning and sharing these treasures his own mentors had. There is too much good to say about Sifu Tim. He is always there for Guro, our teachers and seniors, he is always there for his students. He is a tremendous martial artist, a refined instructor and a authentic friend. It was a pleasure to sit down with him during one of our breaks at Instructor Camp a few months ago, grabbing some coffee and food at Rainbow.

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