Iron Sharpens Iron

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17

There have been some excellent articles, blog posts and interviews recently on many of our very own brothers, seniors and instructors in the Filipino Martial Arts.  It’s no surprise as the systems we train in and teach, develop not only martial skill but mental fortitude and attitudes of excellence and mastery.  We frequently use the word “tribe” to describe our organizations and families, and rightfully so.  We adopt the culture and mentality of those warriors who came before us, who placed the worth and value of their families, nations and beliefs before their own comfort.  

Kyle Defoor of Defoor Proformance is a world class weapons instructor who recently wrote about who he himself trains with.  Among those that he listed are Guro Matt Cambell of the Sayoc Kali system, Kelly Alwood, Tuhon Bong Atienza of the Atienza Kali system, Guro Justin Garcia of the Sayoc Kali system and Guro Harley Elmore of the Sayoc Kali and Inosanto lineages.  

“Harley is one of the few guys I call a ‘complete package’ of an instructor. Meaning that he can teach combatives, pistol, and rifle altogether at a very high level. He’s also a very talented blade smith who makes some of the best tools around. Highly recommended. One of my favorite Feeders.” – Kyle Defoor

You can check out his blog, and list, HERE.

The MMA Journalist also just yesterday posted an in-depth interview with Guro Justin Garcia. The interview post is great but I really enjoyed watching and listening to Guro Justin’s thoughts on video.

“When you see my guys fight, they’re fighting a lot more than they’re opponent. They’re fighting mediocrity, they’re fighting their fears, they’re fighting their expectations or even limitations of everybody who’s been around them in their lives up until they joined Jungle Gym.” – Guro Justin Garcia

You can read and watch more of his interview on the MMA Journalist page HERE.

And earlier this month my friend and brother in Atienza Kali and Sayoc Kali, as well as Chief Instructor for his Bayani Warrior organization Guro Mike Pana gave his own recommendations of individuals he admires and trains with.  I was honored and humbled to be mentioned in his list, as the other instructors written on are truly amazing teachers and martial artists. Many of them are my own seniors and role models in our arts as well, including my friend and instructor Guro Brian Claustro of Tribal Tactics in Los Angeles, CA.

“Guro Brian Calaustro heads Tribal Tactics, a group that specializes in Sayoc Kali and Atienza Kali instruction. Guro Brian recently helped assist with choreography on the hit TV show, “NCIS: LA” and is incredibly skilled and knowledgeable in the Filipino martial arts as a Full-Instructor in both Sayoc Kali and Atienza Kali. I have had the honor of learning from him during Atienza Kali instructor weekends as well as at the last few Sayoc Sama Sama events where he and his cousin, Tuhon Patrick Consing (who I mentioned earlier) put on the coolest display with Filipino Spear and Staff that I have ever seen.” – Guro Mike Pana

Check out Guro Mike Pana’s blog HERE.

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