Atienza Kali Maryland Training Group Session

Maharlika Martial Arts is excited to welcome Guro Leo Manalo back to Maryland for our Atienza Kali Training Group session.  Guro Leo is a Full Instructor in Atienza Kali and we’ve had the privilege of his training and guidance for the last three years.  Our school, Maharlika Martial Arts is both an official Sayoc Kali School as well as an Atienza Kali Training Group, and our local training groups, North Baltimore Sayoc, Takoma Park Sayoc and Lakas Filipino Martial Arts all teach and train in both Sayoc Kali and Atienza Kali.  This year we’re also looking forward to training with our Virginia brothers from Impact Martial Arts Academy and the Hard Target Training Group in Virginia Beach!

During a recent class discussion at Maharlika Martial Arts, we asked students to describe in detail the scenarios that drive their training.  In other words, what kinds of situations do they prepare for?  In what context do they imagine having to use their martial arts training.  Students gave examples of muggings, personal assaults and home invasions and we asked them to articulate exactly how they would respond.  Then, we asked them how they have prepared for those scenarios.  Our students are varied in age, physical shape and lifestyle and are well studied in many traditional forms and contemporary approaches to martial arts.  We teach Wing Chun students, wrestling coaches and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners.  They are former military, first responders, teachers and law enforcement.  And in most cases, the situations they presented involved weapons and sometimes multiple opponents.  Guro Joe Cypressi then posed the question “Does your training address all of these areas?”.

We believe that a comprehensive martial arts program addresses all areas, including striking, grappling and weaponry.  Atienza Kali is one of the foremost systems in the world at teaching individuals how to use weapons, specifically in “street” situations.  We develop skill in edged, impact and flexible weapons and we train both against and amongst groups of people.  Home invasions for example, often have multiple individuals entering a home occupied by more than one person.  The recent issues with Syrian refugees, and civil unrest in Baltimore and cities across the United States and around the world remind us that at any given time and place violence may erupt.  Sometimes, we may be with our friends and family.  Every martial art has it’s strengths and it’s applications.  As Guro Inosanto once told us “everything has it’s time and place.”  What is up to us is how to construct our own training programs to address our needs and goals.  If you are looking for solutions to these issues, if you are searching for training to address some of these areas I highly recommend Atienza Kali.

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