Constant Growth

It has been a very fulfilling, but very busy summer this year!  We started in June with Guro Daniel Lonero’s Filipino Kali and JKD seminar in here in Maryland, then began July with Kali Sayoc Sama Sama down in Florida.  Last month in August I flew out to Inosanto Instructor Camp in California, and now in September we are just two weeks away from hosting Guro Leo Manalo for our Atienza Kali Training Group Session.

Despite the cost, both financial and time as well as the disruptions to the work, teaching and home schedule I wouldn’t trade it for the world.  I’m blessed to have a wife and kids who not only understand, but support my growth and I’m appreciative for my students who remain diligent with their own practice when I’m away.  But most of all, I’m immensely grateful for my teachers and the opportunities to grow and evolve as an instructor, martial artist and man.

Guro Daniel reminded us to “find the new in the old”, and of all things helped me  refine my skipping and step behind sidekicks.  I love the trapping and the hand motions of Kali but some of the best content of his seminar came from fundamental boxing drills and footwork.  During Sayoc Sama Sama I had the tremendous opportunity to help coordinate certain aspects of the weekend.  And on top of the amazing blade technology I was given intimate direction in assessing threats, capabilities and even driving.  In Los Angeles, Guro reminded us as instructors to spend time with our own training and recovery.  And that our repertoire should be ever expanding.  Later this month we will be training in Atienza Kali bolo, knife and trapo and next month in October I will be seeing Guro Dan again in Pennsylvania, then hopefully taking a tactical driving course down in Virginia.

Most of all, the camaraderie and brotherhood that I have cultivated keeps me enthusiastic and committed to this continual growth.  It was an honor to have Guro Pat Finley come out to the seminar and support us in June.  It was and always is a privilege to spend time with Pamana Tuhon Sayoc and all of the Tuhons and Guros of the tribe.  It was and always is a pleasure to see brothers, friends and even former students in Southern California, and in the coming weeks and months I’m looking forward to reconnecting with my martial family from my own neck of the woods.

Whether you are one of our students, from Lakas Filipino Martial Arts, Maharlika Martial Arts, Kick Connection, in the local region or even far away I hope you are continuing on your own journey as well.  The continued training, the resharpening of skill, recharging of enthusiasm and constant growth fulfills our souls as warriors.

As I get back into the routine of writing and posting, I will be updating the site with the current training opportunities both near and far.  I hope to see you there.

AKTG Sept15

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