Motivation Monday

I had the privilege this weekend to be able to attend Guro Dan Inosanto’s seminar down in Newport News, VA at East Wind Academy of Martial Arts.  Guro Norris Domangue and his crew hosted Guro Dan, his assistant Guro Joel and the rest of us attendees at his facility and it was a great time.  Moving back to Baltimore after spending nine years in Southern California and seeing Guro Dan every week was and still is an adjustment, but I’m truly grateful for my seniors like Guro Norris and Guro Nick Sacoulas (last month in NY) who put for the work, dedication and loyalty to Guro Dan and bring him out to support him and continue their own training.  Even though I only attended one of the two-day event, it definitely rejuvenated my motivation across the board so much so that I spent some time shooting my bow yesterday afternoon and working squats this morning, both things that I haven’t done literally in months.  It was also a pleasure to see my brother in the Sayoc, Atienza and Inosanto systems Guro Ervin Quintin as well as his son G’Angelo and some of the Impact Crew.  After complimenting Guro Ervin on his school’s logo, Guro Dan also gave us an impromptu albeit brief history on Lemuria Mu which was incredibly fascinating to me!  It was great seeing other instructors there like Guro John and of course seeing and learning from Guro Joel again.  I also got to meet and partner up with a great veteran and law enforcement officer from the DC area.

Guro Ervin Quintin, his son and the Impact Crew, along with Guro Dan Inosanto and myself.
Guro Ervin Quintin, his son and the Impact Crew, along with Guro Dan Inosanto and myself.

So when I was thinking about how to share my reinvigorated motivation with you all, the first thing that came to my mind was a quote from Pamana Tuhon Sayoc:

“Trust in your training.”

And I started to look for cool martial arts or training montages online.  I watched some good ones on Pacquiao:


and thought about Crossfit:

and Eric Thomas:

but when nothing really seemed to fit I fell back on a classic.

I also found THIS very well done blog by one of Guro Ervin’s students that I really liked.

So I hope in some way I have helped you find your motivation for today.  We are all different individuals, coming from different places in our lives, so no matter who you are or where you are coming from, in the words of Tuhon Pat Consing, “do not be a victim to circumstance!”  Trust in your training!

“If done right, no can defense!” – Mr. Miyagi

One thought on “Motivation Monday

  1. Thanks for the shout out, Guro. Sorry I was unable to make it to train with you at Guro Dan’s seminar this past weekend. Look forward to crossing paths with you in the future.

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